We have been featured on TV, radio and press across the UK. We have been asked about topics from making it as a teenage pop star, to re-discovery of the lost Love Affair tracks to advice for the chancellor.

Check out our press coverage:

“Why is the band called 69?”

Play the audio for the full interview on Radio Leeds.

Martin Kelner

bbc radio leeds

“How did Dave & Mick get together?”

Play the audio for the full story on BBC Radio Humberside

Phil White

bbc radio humberside


“Where did the songs on the 69 One More Time album come from?”

Tony Gillham

bbc radio jersey


“Some of the songs on the album 69 One More Time nearly got released in 1971!”

John Gillmore

bbc radio lancashire


“Mick Jackson & Philip Goodhand-Tait meet again at the BBC after 46 years”

Katie Martin

bbc radio solent


“Are you sick of hearing Everlasting Love?”

Play the audio for the 6 minute interview on Radio Leeds.


Liz Green

bbc radio leeds

“The differences in making it to the top of the charts in the 60’s and today”

Talk Manchester TV continued…

“Mick Jackson has some words of advice for The Chancellor Of The Exchequer”