Grown Up Rock Music

Lost 1969 psychedelic rock music from a member of a band that outsold The Beatles in 1969

The Sound Of ’69’

69 are:

Mick Jackson

Dave Johnson

Alastair Harnby

Do not expect similarities to Everlasting Love, Rainbow Valley, Bringing on back the good times etc! ’69’s sound has been forged and chiseled by over 40 years musicianship. It is precision drumming, driving yet melodic bass riffs and hard edged cutting guitar, with observational lyrics and poignant vocals.

Each tracks lyrics are derived from real life experience, some good, some not so good. Many have found 69’s sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Stone Roses, ┬áthe Byrds, Muse, and late Beatles, yet they have very much their own retro rock sound, many of Mick, Dave and Alastair’s peers have described it as “grown up” music.

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