Dave Johnson

Dave’s professional career began back in 1983 when he got the job as guitarist in Witticombe Fair, (9 times winners of Opportunity Knocks during the 1970’s!).
Witticombe Fair had become one of the most in demand live bands on the cabaret/club circuit, often gigging in excess of 25 shows every month.
This was the start of 20 years on the road for Dave, working his way through several bands, some of whom were writing original material and chasing the ever elusive ‘record contract’.
After several attempts at the ‘big time’ he settled into a hi tech duo, Spellbound, with his wife Lesley and racked up another 2000 gigs during their 12 year stint,┬áincluding tours of Europe and working at the famous Blackpool Tower two years running.
The decision to stop touring came in 2002 and since then Dave has worked out of his recording studio in Bingley, West Yorkshire where he uses his skills to help many other artistes realise their musical aspirations.
Whilst being aware of Love Affair and their hits for many years, little did he realise that their bass player Mick Jackson lived just half a mile up the road from his studio!
A chance meeting with Michael during 2014 and the discovery of an original demo tape from 1969 led to the release of 69’s debut album during 2015.