Mick Jackson

Mick’s love affair with music began when he was aged 9 watching King Creole starring Elvis Presley, he considers this event and the greatest influence on starting on his music career, that Christmas Mick’s mother bought him his first guitar.

1961 aged 12 Michael formed a group called THE SPELL with drummer Martin from Wakefield, Guitarist Tony from Bradford and lead guitarist Steve Robinson also from Bradford who would go on to be one of the two guitarists in Igingbottom of which the other guitarist was Alan Holdsworth.  Mick was on bass guitar and vocals.

Mick dealt with all of the agents and bookings.  SPELLS first gig was in 1962 at Ravenscliffe youth club in Bradford the fee for the gig was £6.  The SPELL progressed over the following 4 years and was able to gain typically 4 gigs a week around the north of England playing in youth clubs, working mens clubs, rhythm and blues clubs and Leeds and Bradford ice rinks.

Mick had had a hankering to turn professional but the rest of the band members weren’t so sure. In early June 66 Mick got a phone call from a Keighleyt based band called THE BEAT SQUAD who said that they had seen him gigging around and asked if he would like to join them as their bass player for a 6 week summer season at Butlins holiday camp in Filey Yorkshire.  Mick did his full summer season playing every day for 2 hours mid day and 4 hours each night it was a thorough apprenticeship.

Whilst at Butlins Mick met a Southport based band called TIME BOX who were playing more advanced and progressive soul based music.  Mick became good friends with the guys in TIME BOX and they advised him that if he wanted a long term career in music that he would have to base himself in London where they had a large flat in Kensington.  They offered to put Mick up whilst he pursued music opportunities.

In Autumn 66 Mick answered Melody Maker newspaper advert and attended an audition in North London at which hundreds of bass players and guitarists where being put through their paces.  The nucleus of a group called the SOUL SURVIVORS was comprised of Steve Ellis vocals, Maurice Bacon drums and Morgan Fisher keyboards.

Mick first of all played the bass line along with the other guys to midnight hour followed by singing and playing the bass along with the other guys too My Girl.  He got the job.

This was probably the fist time a band had been formed in such a structured way, the manager of the band was Sid Bacon, a North London business man and Maurice’s Farther.

The band gigged all over London and then later all over the U.K changed its name to Love Affair released 1 single titled SHE SMILED SWEETLEY and the Decca label written by JAGGER RICHARDS.  It flopped.  In 67 the Love Affair achieved the ultimate accolade of a non charting band by gaining a residency at the Marquee club Wardour st London.  It was at the marquee that the band were “spotted” by CBS records.  Decca agreed to release them from their contract, they signed with CBS, now Sony music, released a single called Everlasting Love followed by Rainbow Valley, Day Without Love, Bringing On Back The Good Times, One Road, Baby I Know, 2 albums and 4 years touring the U.K and Europe and countless radio and television appearances.  In early 70 Steve Ellis and the rest of the band decided upon different musical directions, Steve went solo and Love Affair re named themselves L.A and engaged Gus Eaden as lead singer.

The new musical style was progressive rock with Mick writing numerous songs and they toured again all over Europe.

In 1971 Mick left the band to get married to his childhood sweetheart Patricia.

Just before Christmas 2014 Mick and Dave Johnson met for the first time and 3 months later 69 happened.